Sometimes the right Weimaraner for a family isn't a puppy at all.

Sometimes work schedules dictate that an older Weimaraner will fit into the family's lifestyle better.

An adult rescue Weimaraners is usually already housebroken, trained to some degree and not so time intensive as a puppy.

Believe it or not, we have many Weimaraners looking for new homes because people are unrealistic when choosing a dog or many other reasons.

Rescue Weimaraners have a lot to offer a loving, responsible home. They come in all ages, sometimes even puppies and both sexes.

If you are interested, please contact Louisville Weimaraner Rescue, Inc.:

Greater Louisville Area - Denise King, 812-256-3967,

Intake Coordinators - Barb Keefer, Susan Brennan,

You can view information and adoptable Weimaraners on-line at:

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